Friday, October 14, 2011

First Post

First post.

Thank you for visiting the Transit Manager Blog. The purpose of this blog is to enrich our knowledge, techniques, skills, and operations performance as transit managers through the sharing of experience, ideas, and communication.

Topics I hope to discuss, in no particular order, are;
Employee Availability
Accidents and Accident Investigations
Employee Morale
On Time Performance
Fare Media
Best Practices
Social Media in Transit
Service Delivery and Adjustments
Customer Complaints and Issues
Technology and Transit
Route Selection and Design
Unions and Labor Relations
Transit Security
Sub-Contracting and Contracts

I have been working in the Transit Industry for over 18 years.  Positions I held were Bus Operator, Dispatcher, Superintendent, and General Superintendent.  I have worked in all aspects of transportation operations including road and depot operations, accident investigation and analysis, fixed route and paratransit, and held administrative and operational positions.  I also was a union representative when I was a Bus Operator, representing over 4000 Bus Operators.  I have a very thorough background in Transit Operations which I continue to expand every day as I believe we can always learn something new and improve.

Looking forward to you joining the conversation!


  1. How can I reach you for a personal conversation. I also was a bus operator for only two years and had an opportunity to become a Trainer so I did. I have been an Instructor in Maryland for two years and I am passionate about what I do. To see a trainee walk thru my doors with no experience on driving a large vehicle and at the end see the end results it is rewarding.

    So I am reaching out for advice.

    1. Hi James,

      Please Inbox Me Your Contact Info. Would Be Glad To Talk...

    2. Hi James,

      Please Inbox Me Your Contact Info. Would Be Glad To Talk...